Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who needs the big city?

The fam and I enjoyed five days in the action packed city of Denver last week.  The day before we left, the ranch manager (our boss) asked us in a kind of accusatory manner, "What are you going to the big city for? I have no need for that place."  This comment struck me as comical and I soon shrugged it off and went on my merry way happy to see anything but cattle for the first time in months.  I soon found out that I need the BIG CITY, not always but sometimes.  The rhythm and the beat of the city gives me sort of a comfort that I miss.  Mike looked over as we whizzed past cars in rush hour traffic and remarked on the silly grin plastered on my face.  "You don't like living remotely as much as you think you do."  And yes, the husband is correct.  I need a little of both at times and Denver gave me a good dose of guilty pleasures that I miss i.e., Starbucks, a proper bed and shower, room to do a cartwheel. 

The trip gave me a new appreciation for how people live.  Boss only drags himself to the big city when he needs equipment.  I drag myself to the city for a Starbucks and a new swanky outfit.  Two different views; one common goal: Satisfaction

Friday, July 19, 2013

This whole blogging thing has got me overwhelmed, but because my mother has asked me to write, I will oblige and make her happy.  To be honest, blogging in Wyoming is a little tricky.  Phone and Internet services is poor so I have to be creative to keep in touch.  Currently I'm at the Buffalo Public Library and my time remaining keeps blinking overhead.  20:53 left and after that I will have to hunt a librarian down to give me another pin or wait in line for another go!

You may be wondering why my title includes the word toilet.  My first entry should be full of smiley faces, LOL's, and cute little emoticons that ooze happiness, satisfaction, and peacefulness.  Although I would love for every entry to emote positivity; however brutal honesty works better for me and will always generate more chuckles in the long run.  So toilet water means that life here is tough.  The last two weeks, I've crawled into bed and cried silent tears while conjuring up plans and schemes to get Mike to take us home.  The girls have really struggled the last couple of weeks with homesickness and I have second guessed my decision several times. 

Finally, on Wednesday I woke up determined to adapt to our new lifestyle with a fervor and an energy that means being productive and plugging myself into the Buffalo social pipeline! (for the Dumb & Dumber lovers) Sure I've enjoyed the sightseeing and the endless beauty that surrounds me, but my mind was always back at home, sort of counting down the days until we get to return.  The librarian has come over to scold me for signing on a second time so I must go.  The girls will be done with VBS and we plan to stop at a local animal shelter to see about volunteering.  Today is a good day!